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Welcome to Chennai Mettex Lab

Chennai Mettex Lab, a NABL accredited Laboratory, started its operation in 1984, is one of the leading test houses in South India.Chennai Mettex Lab, a trusted testing laboratory for the last 2 decades, offer services for TESTING OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS Ready to eat foods, Raw, Processed Semi – processed , Canned , Thermally processed, Ready to eat extruded snacks , Dairy & Dairy Products.(Raw & Processed),Milk powder,Ice cream, Condensed milk partly skimmed & skimmed condensed milk, Cream, Skimmed milk powder, Butter oil, Dairy whitener, Partly Skimmed milk powder, Packaged pasteurised milk, Butter, Khoa, Bakery & Confectionery Products, Chocolates, Alcoholic & Nonalcoholic beverages, Carbonated beverages, Paneer, Follow-up-formula-complementary foods, Infant milk substitutes, Fruits, Vegetables and its products ,Raw & Processed, Processed fruits, vegetables, Jam, jellies, marmalades, Sugar, Vinegar, Flavours used in Preservation & food Industry, Animal Feeds & Feeding Stuffs, Cereal and Cereals Products, Milk Cereal Based Complementary Foods, Edible Maize Starch Corn Flour,Processed Cereal Based Complementary Foods, Guar Gum, Wheat Flour,Infants Foods, Meat and Meat Products, Fish & Fishery Products & Others (Raw, Cooked, Frozen, Dried, Salted, Canned & Ready To Eat Food),Frozen Prawns, Shrimps, Frozen Minced Fish Meat, Spices and condiments ,Whole Ground & Oleoresin, Tamarind concentrate, Coriander Whole and Ground nuts, Coconut and Coconut Products, Nuts and Nut Products, Egg and Egg Products, Egg Powder, Drinking Water, Potable Water, Raw water, Well Water, Borewell Water, RO Water, DM Water, Water for Processed Food Industry, Packaged Drinking Water, Packaged Natural Mineral Water, Packaged Natural Mineral Water, Fish Processing Industry-Water and Ice, etc …


Waste Water, Treated Water , Recreational Water, Microbiological monitoring of Environment.


Carbon Steel, Alloy Steels, Cast – Iron, Alloy ,Cast – Iron, S.G Iron, Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, Nickel , Nickel Base Alloys, Aluminum, Aluminum Base Alloys, Copper , Copper Base Alloys, Carbon Steel ,Alloy Steels, Sintered Iron, Stainless steel, Ferrous Metal – Cast Iron, Alloy Cast Iron, Pig Iron S.G. Iron, Aluminium Anode, Zinc , Zinc Base Alloys, Alloys, Nickel, Lead Alloys, Silver, Silver Alloys, Ferrous metal – Carbon Steel, Low-Alloy Steel, Ingot Iron, Wrought Iron, Cast Iron, Tool Steel, Medium & High Alloy Steel, Non Ferrous Metal-Copper, Aluminium / Zinc and Its Alloys, Chemical Analysis, Mechanical Tests, Food, Water, Environmental,Metal ferrous and nonferrous metals, Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, Lead & Zinc base alloys, Bitumen and its products, Precious metals, Silver, Platinum, etc.

Electro :

Technical Products - Plastic, Leather, Polymer, Paper, Rubber, Metals and their Related Products etc..

Our Mission

Our mission to respond to industry needs for analytical services with diversified interests dedicated to the services with environmental consciousness.

Our Service

For a full understanding of our services, we encourage you to visit our laboratory. Our technical staff will be glad to give you a personal tour & discuss your testing requirements.

Our Vision

To continuously strive to achieve highest standards of quality analytical services in the concurrence with client’s expectations on a professionally cost effective manner.

  • Food is basic for development, energy creation, fix of cells, and the upkeep of appropriate wellbeing
  • It is essential to test food to understand what kinds of supplements and minerals are situated in the different nourishments that you eat just as organic examination.

Mettexlab offers the best food investigation, with the most elevated level of proficiency. We care for people, about what they devour, and we need our customers to have confidence with the consolation gave by us.

To fulfill customers, the food business must plan items that will live up to their desires and should fabricate them with consistent and impeccable quality.

  • Being the topmost of food analysis, we convey the first-class ability to the table for manufacturers, processors, and customers, utilizing the most progressive technology accessible currently and universally.
  • Food Safety and Quality have become a part of the importance and need for food business administrators and controllers.

From pollutants to hereditarily altered creatures, food organizations are faced with a large group of sanitation and quality difficulties in the present worldwide commercial center.

Mettexlab is focused on helping organizations discover arrangements by guaranteeing top-notchfood testing labs, food analysis labs, food sample testing labs in Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, and Trichy.

Not only on the southside of TamilNadu, but Mettexlab also launched their food testing laboratories, food analysis laboratories, food sample testing laboratories in Bangalore, Mysore, Mumbai, Thane as well as Maharastra.

Mettexlab is a Food Testing Laboratories, mainly operated in Mumbai as it covered the Northside of India. On the other side, Chennai took the lead on the Southside of India and helps the foodservice industry in establishing Good Hygienic and Catering Practices.


The Food Safety Inspection is projected to assess the cleanliness, disinfection, sanitation, and offices in kitchens in the food administration industry according to the prerequisites of FSSAI and NABL.

Food Testing Laboratories that are Accredited and Certified approverealness and belief to its customers. We are pleased to state that, Mettexlab is NABL licensed and FSSAI affirmed research facilities in Chennai, India.

Having all the vital accreditations, acknowledgments, authentications, and endorsements for testing. We can assist you in creating quality and safe items. Also, we offer a wide assortment of food testing administrations

Mettexlab is a best in class NABL Accredited, FSSAI approved testing laboratory in Chennai and Coimbatore, and all over India, giving a wide range of testing services for food, oil, spices, soil testing, fruit and seafood products. We similarlyassistclients with their wholesaler’s analysis and itemadvancements. Get dependableoutcomes and talk with our certified professionals.

  • 1. Fruit Testing Laboratory: Fruits and Vegetables need to go through hard testing to guarantee perfect taste as well as to promise that destructive pesticides are missing.Fruit Testing labs primarily worked in Chennai and Mumbai, India.
  • 2. Fruit Testing Laboratory: Fruits and Vegetables need to go through hard testing to guarantee perfect taste as well as to promise that destructive pesticides are missing.Fruit Testing labs primarily worked in Chennai and Mumbai, India.
  • 3. Edible Oil Testing Laboratory: Food makers and Consumers need to guarantee that their Edible oils, Ghee, Groundnut Oil, and Fats are completely verified and examined to guarantee the security and cleanliness of the elements and item.Groundnut Oil Testing and Edible Oil Testing labsworkedinChennai, TamilNadu.
  • 4. RoHS Testing: Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) testing in Chennaiempowers your association to consent with nationwide and worldwide dangerous substances guidelines. RoHS Testing Services offers worldwide RoHS testing services for confined substances in electrical apparatus and electronic items.
  • 5. Seafood Testing: The seafood is extremelyunpreserved and consequently,it is basic that these items that we are eating are stowed and packed appropriately in acquiescence with the necessary norms. Broad involvement with Seafood Testing in Chennaiguarantees the care of the fish at all phases of creation from catch to table.
  • 6. Soil Testing Laboratory: A soil test is significant for few reasons: to enhance crop creation, to shield the climate from defilementby theoverflowof extracomposts, to help in the analysis of plant culture issues, to control the soil thickness for development. Examination of a soil sample to decidesupplement substance, creation, and differentattributes.Soil Testing labs primarilyfunctioned in Chennai, TamilNadu.
  • Food Samples send by organizations and customers. In Chennai and Bengaluru, Separate Food sample testing labs are there.
  • Once the examples came to us, we will start to work on that
  • We will do Sample Analysis from our testing and analysis labs.
  • After the analysis, we will generate a Report
  • The report will be showed/sent to you
  • Will offer some free session

It doesn't make a difference which part of TamilNadu or India you live in, you can send an example on dispatches for the precise lab testing results

Improving in Food Excellence and Healthier Well-being.

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